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View Nelson's Auction Items

Jonathan Nelson, the man who plead guilty to embezzling over 77-million dollars, is about to see his property and possessions auctioned off. The money will be used to cover part of his debt to his former employer, Patterson UTI. Newschannel 11's Jennifer Vogel has been following this story from the beginning, and explains how you can get a first hand look at the merchandise before it's auctioned.

In hours the doors will open at the Town and Country Airport for the first time since last November, opening to a bizarre world full of one man's downfall. Helicopters, airplanes, tractors, and almost anything else you could imagine on anyone's wish list, will be auctioned off July 15th.

But starting Monday, these auction items will be on display daily from 8am-7pm at the Town and Country Airport, located at 12201 County Road 2500.

Complete List of Nelson Auction Items
Click here to take a look at the more than 1,100 items to go on sale July 15th!

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