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HealthWise at 5 From 7.3

Seventeen year old Anna Bury knows a lot about the birds and the bees her parents are both gynecologists.  "I don't really get lecture about the sex talk, the dreaded sex talk, that everyone gets. I hear those kinds of things everyday about the unplanned pregnancy, the STDs you'll have for the rest of your life. You hear that around the dinner table, and it's really unappetizing," said Anna.

But, even though it may not be the best dinner table topic, Anna appreciates her parents' honesty. But she knows not all teens are so fortunate. Many parents are uncomfortable having the sex talk with their teens Anna's father, Dr. Bob Bury, says parents and children should talk about it, and it shouldn't be limited to just one conversation.

"I think the thing about talking about sex with kids and teens is not so much about having "a" talk or "the" talk, and say this is the way it is and 'now, that's out of the way, I never have to do that again,' but to be talking about it in some way all the time," said Dr. Bury.

That includes talking about human anatomy, the pressure to have sex, and the consequences of sex. "Things like the AIDS virus, the herpes virus, HPV, they're not something you can get a shot and they'll go away. These are things that affect you forever," said Dr. Bury.

Still, he knows, it's not an easy topic for any parent.  "We're in the business and it's still not easy!" If you're open and honest with your teen, chances are that first talk will not be your last, and Dr. Bury says kids who are comfortable talking about sex with their parents, are less likely to have sex.

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