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Man Injured After Freak Firework Accident

One man is in the hospital recovering from first and third degree burns on his hand and face after a freak firework accident.

Monday night, Doctor Robert Grimes held his fourth annual fireworks extravaganza on 150th and Indiana. While the show was in progress, one of the men setting off the fireworks uncovered a concealed box of artillery shells, and an ember from the sky landed in the box, causing a minor explosion. The young man was wearing protective clothing and gear, leaving him with a sun burnt face and an injured hand.

NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel spoke with the Grimes family, who tells us the fireworks show is about honoring our country and those who protect it. His 26-year-old nephew is the person that was injured and he says he was fully trained to put on a fireworks show. As a matter of fact, the young man is a Marine who has served two tours of duty in Iraq.

The lesson here is accidents do happen, even with the pros, so be extra careful when setting off fireworks at home.  And remember, all fireworks are banned in Lubbock's city limits.

Fireworks Safety Tips
The Consumer Product Safety Commission issues these safety tips for all Americans.

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