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Dr. Phil Explains Liars

You've heard the story, Healthwise, that researchers believe now they can use the MRI to spot a liar by highlighting changes in the brain. Dr. Phil is keeping it more simple. On our five o'clock news today, he offered these tips on how to spot a liar just by what you see. For what it's worth here's Dr. Phil, Healthwise.

"There are ways to spot a liar. Number one, they either give too much or too little eye contact. They give you that dead stare or they won't look at you at all, and when they go into the lying behavior it shifts. Number two, they overemphasize details because they're trying to deflect from the central theme, so they'll pick some detail and talk about that a lot because it fills time. Three, they'll start fidgeting. They're all busy with something and four, liars almost always, at some time, tend to touch their nose. We don't know why, but they do. They tend to keep their mouth pursed, because they need more oxygen, because they are getting excited. They hesitate in their speech, they look up or down. Pay attention. You'll see it coming," says Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil brings us his "tip of the day" every day on News channel 11 at five.

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