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Drive By Shooting Injures One and Narrowly Misses Central Lubbock Family

Lubbock Police are investigating a second shooting in less than 24 hours.  It happened around 3 a.m. Wednesday in the 1600 block of 59th Street.  That's north of Lowrey Field.  Witnesses at the scene told NewsChannel 11 two cars, an SUV and a sedan, drove by spraying several apartment homes with bullets.  21-year-old Andre Lamar Baker was shot in the head.

Those living in the homes bombarded by bullets are still shaken.  One mother tells us a bullet blasted into the room where she and her three children were sleeping.  At first, Rachel Borjas says she thought the noise was from fireworks, but when she felt debris fall on top of her, she knew something was wrong. Borjas says the bullet came in at an angle, and lodged into the wall. Fortunately, neither her nor her children were injured, but Borjas says she was frozen from fear. "I'm paralyzed for the moment, because I don't know what to do. My kids were asleep on the bed with me. Then we get up and hear screaming, and we don't know what's going on," said Borjas.

Borjas frantically checked her children for injuries. Those were moments of terror for a mother who had nothing to do with the dispute that led to the shooting.  Borjas' children were not hurt.  Next, she called for help. "At the same time we're calling the cops, another round goes off," said Borjas. 

Police say the shooters used a semi-automatic rifle and a hand gun, dotting the apartment homes with damage, some bullets barley missing innocent by-standers.  "My sister was asleep in the living room.  She is pregnant, and basically if that (air conditioning) unit was not there, it would have got my sister," said Borjas.

Borjas' children were not the only ones in danger. Witnesses say several youngsters were in the area when shots rang out.  "It could have been one of these kids laying up in the hospital now," Virgie Willis said.  Shanocka Willis is related to the victim. She heard everything. "They came in and said 'Dre' was hit in the head.  It scared me because when they said my cousin 'Dre' had got shot, I thought they said my brother had got shot, so I was screaming and crying."

Folks living in the area say they've never witnessed an incident like this before. Now, they don't know what will happen next.  "You can only pray that it doesn't happen again, and have faith that it won't," said Borjas.

Police say that Baker was the suspected target of the shooting.  They are looking for a maroon Lincoln or Cadillac.  They're not sure of the year.  They're also looking for an SUV, but witnesses were unclear of the make and model.  Those vehicles were spotted in the 1600 block of 59th Street, just before 3-o'clock Wednesday morning.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Line, (806) 741-1000.  Police say this looks like the latest incident in an ongoing dispute among several subjects.

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