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Lubbock Police Working To Stop Possible Gang Violence

Are they random shootings, or are they possibly gang related? That's the question NewsChannel 11 asked Lubbock Police after two shootings in as many days in a south-central Lubbock neighborhood.

If you look at the events in the last 24 hours, you can see both shootings happened within blocks of each other, about 13 hours apart. The first occurred July 4th around noon, three people were shot. The second, a drive-by shooting, happened around 2:45am Wednesday morning, leaving one man who, officials say, probably won't make it through the night. If the case does turn to a homicide, police believe there could be a retaliation.

NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel spoke with a special unit of the police department to find out what they're doing to try and clean up the streets.  

Police say statistics show there are more drug and other related crimes in the South Central area than any other in Lubbock, but they say it's not necessarily the residents that live there, but the criminals coming into the neighborhoods.

Lt. Greg Stevens says, "it's not random by any means, it's not random acts of violence. It's one group targeting another and then that group targeting them back."

While most of us enjoyed Fourth of July with barbeques and fireworks, another neighborhood was dealing with drive-bys and bullets. "It could happen anywhere in the city." But with two shootings, blocks apart, and just hours between, police are taking action in South Central Lubbock.  "We don't know if the last few incidents were gang related, we're certainly ready to handle it if it is."

Police units are lining this neighborhood's streets 24-hours a day, ready and waiting if someone tries to retaliate.  "We're there as a deterrent and if something shout happen again, they're prepared to handle it immediately."

Police say by having increased patrol units, and gang specials in the area, they will help deter crimes. And already being there will cut back response times if there is another shooting.

Drive By Shooting Injures One and Narrowly Misses Central Lubbock Family
It's the second shooting in less than 24 hours.  Those living in the homes bombarded by bullets are still shaken.  NewsChannel 11's Ben Lawson spoke with residents after a night of terror.

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