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Residents Asked To Stand Up For Safety

Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff

Two shootings this week happened just six blocks away from each other, both of them in the district served by Councilman Floyd Price.  On Thursday, NewsChannel 11 spoke with Price and he says that he doesn't want people to be scared.  He just wants them to stand up for their community.  Price says police are doing extra patrols through the neighborhood, but they can only do so much.  He says folks, not only in this neighborhood, but everywhere in Lubbock need to keep an eye out for crime, and be ready to help police.

Following Wednesday's shooting outside of 1610 59th Street, Councilman Price is planning a town hall meeting to address safety in the neighborhood.  Price is a former police officer, and tells us the area used to have a very strong neighborhood watch program.  That is something he wants to revive.  Price also hopes to address apartment screening, having landlords check up on their tenants before renting a home to them, and teaching residents how to report, identify, and follow up crime reports to police.  He says criminals cannot hide from those who live here.

"They know who the police are, and they know how to hid and dodge from the police, but they don't know how to dodge from you as a citizen, because you're everywhere," said Price.  Councilman Price tells us he does not have a date set for that town hall meeting, but he does tell us he wants to do it as soon as possible.

NewsChannel 11 is learning more about the victim in Wednesday's drive-by on 59th Street, and the events leading up to the shooting.  Police say that this latest incident is believed to be part of an ongoing dispute.  Part of that could come from another shooting in January. Wednesday's shooting victim, 21-year-old Undra Lamar Baker, was charged with aggravated assault earlier this year.  That was in connection to the January 29th shooting at the Town and Country on 34th and I-27.  A bullet barely missed a clerk there, and the store sustained thousands of dollars in damage.

Varren Tyron Gant was also charged with aggravated assault for that incident, and he is listed as another victim in Wednesday's shooting, though he was not injured.  Police say they're making progress in the investigation, and there have been no reports of retaliation as of now.  At the time this story was posted we're told that Baker is still clinging to life at University Medical Center.

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