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HealthWise at 5 From 7.7

  • Heartburn

Researchers from stanford university say there's no reason people who suffer from painful heartburn should eliminate spicy food, chocolate, coffee, citrus and red wine. After collecting more than 2,000 studies published worldwide on heartburn, researchers say there really isn't any evidence that restricting diet makes a difference. Except for those whose heartburn is clearly triggered by a certain food. Two lifestyle changes that do seem to work, losing weight if you need to and raising the head of your bed to cut down on the amount of stomach acid that climbs up the esophagus at night.

  • Tai Chi

Two studies from the University of Illinois found that healthy seniors who practiced two forms of Tai Chi three times a week for six months experienced noticeable improvements in strength and balance. The benefits became apparent to many of the study participants within two months. Researchers say the simple, graceful movements are relatively safe for most healthy older adults.

  • Sports Brain

The human brain isn't able to follow more than three moving objects at once. So that begs the question how will soccer fans follow the pack of players in this weekend's world cup? The answer; the colorful team uniforms. Brain researchers at Johns Hopkins made the discovery by having study subjects count moving colored dots on a screen. They found the participants did best when told in advance which colors they should follow. Researchers say it is color coding that helps the brain overcome its natural limit of tracking no more than three objects at a time.

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