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Parents Receive Tools to Protect Children

A missing child is every parent's worst nightmare.  The moments immediately following are filled with panic and concern, but the first 20-minutes are the most critical.  Parents need to get their child's information out there, and fast, but many times they don't have what they need at hand.  

"It's a fear of every parent to lose their children," said Crystal Crow.  That's why Crow and several other parents brought their children the Digikids event on Saturday.  "First what we do is the parents come in and fill out an ICR Form which is scanned into the computer. We'll bring the kids right over hear, and then we'll weigh them, and then we'll measure them," said Digikids Franchise Owner Laurie Bandy.  All the information is burned onto a a disk, allowing parents immediate access to pictures, descriptions, and medical information.  It can all be printed off and e-mailed in a moments notice.  "You always think that it's never going to happen to me, but there is always that chance that it can," said Crow.  "Hopefully you never have to use it, but it's nice to have it on hand if you do," said Danny Holwerda.  "Say for instance you're on vacation, your child is missing. You give the disk to security. They'll put it into the computer, and it will print out a flyer or poster. You can print out two or three hundred of them and just start dispersing them if your child is missing," said Bandy.

Digikids does not keep a database of your child's information. They tells us once the disk is burned, they ditch their records; it's just another safety precaution.  "You don't want your child's information to fall into the wrong hands," said Bandy.  Parents are encouraged to keep the disk on them at all times, and don't worry, there are no passwords or log-ins. Just pop the Didgikids Disk into a computer and the software will launch.  "It just gives you a little piece of mind, just to know that if something ever happened to your child, you could know exactly what to do immediately, rather than just panic," said Bandy.

Saturday's kits were provided to parents free of charge. Ashley Furniture sponsored the event.

Click Here for the DigiKids official website.

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