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Unwanted Hair Treatments

They wax it. Fry it. Zap it. Anything to get rid of it.

"For the summer you know, you're going to the beach, you want to have everything as smooth as possible," said Jessica Gordon who has unwanted hair. That's why Jessica decided to wax. And for her, the price is right. Waxing her arms costs about fourtyfive dollars. And guys aren't shy about waxing anymore. At the Body Klinic, men get their backs and even bikini areas done.

"You want to do it every month for at least three months because the hair grows in stages," said Michael Frey with The Body Klinic. But if you can afford more and you want to keep the hair away longer, lasering is a good option. "No woman wants their man to have hair on their back," said John Parr who has unwanted hair. John had his back hair lasered off for about sixteen hundred dollars.

Laser Surgeon Eric Bernstein says the laser will dramatically reduce hair. "To keep it at zero, people usually come for maintenance and that's after two or three treatments upfront. Maintenance can be from every six months to every three years," said Dr. Bernstein. Women can laser their underarms, legs and bikini area. and the trend for men is to lose the chest hair. "Because the hair on your body hides the definition of your muscles."

But if you never, ever want to see the hair again, consider Electrolysis. "We actually go in and destroy the germinative portion of the hair follicle. So the hair will never re-grow," said michele stanley, Electrolysis Clinic Manager. And Electrolysis may be best for African-Americans and those who suffer from Pseudofolliculitis or ingrown hair. "You don't have to worry about shaving it or doing anything, ever again," said Georgie Becke, Electrolysis client.

Pick your treatment, to be bare of hair. 

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