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Lubbock City Council Adopts New Mandatory Conservation Plan

The exact date is July 31st,  mark your calendars. The Lubbock City Council calls the twice a week watering more of an "appeal to the citizens, please do your best to conserve."

How will the city enforce? Leaders say it will be impossible to catch all violators, so with that in mind, the city is relying on the "honor system." That system is; you pick the two days you want to water and stick with it.

But what about other places like Texas Tech, Lubbock Independent School District and the city parks will they have to comply?  You will remember, they dug wells to water their grass using underground water.  It is an effort to save drinking water.

Tech uses well water and LISD waters seven campuses and tells NewsChannel 11 they will have five more drilled in 30 days. Lubbock, on the other hand, has 11 wells in place but none of them work. They do not have pumps installed yet. Some city council members are disappointed in that process and are working to get those wells online fast.

Regardless, the council says wells are a big relief off our water system and don't have to comply with the rules.  "Irrigation from wells have been exempted from this policy. The reason is they are not using water we're treating. It's not water we're running through our processing plant, running through pipelines," said Leonard.

Even though they may not have to comply with the city's new ordinance, Leonard says the High Plains Water District keeps an eye on their water usage.

The city is asking you to please help conserve water. If you do see anyone with water run off, or excessive water use, you can call the hotline number at (806) 775-3952.

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