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Super Precincts Coming To Lubbock

If you enjoy the convenience of early voting, you will like the idea of super precincts in Lubbock.

"There's not a wrong precinct to go vote in. You can go anywhere on your way to work, on your lunch hour. It fits the voters needs," said Elections Administrator Dorothy Kennedy.

Monday morning, Lubbock County Commissioner's approved 35 new super precinct locations in Lubbock. The super precincts allow voters go to any location to vote, rather than having a designated precinct. As a result, the number of election day polling locations would drop from about 70 to 35.

Now that Kennedy has the commissioners' support, she can continue with the application process. "We are going to submit our packet on Friday to the Secretary of State and wait to hear their response and once we get that response back, if that's a positive yes, we'll submit to the department of justice."

If both approve, super precincts will be in place for the November elections.

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