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Lubbock Smoking Ban Results

It's been a year since cigarettes were tossed out of Lubbock restaurants. The biggest concern was that restaurants would lose money if people weren't allowed to light up while they dine out.

On July 10th, the results of a preliminary study are in after banning smoking in public places here for a year. Dr. Donna Bacchi, Director of the Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control says, as it turns out, that didn't hurt business, it helped.

"Despite the fact that the ordinance passed, people started going out to restaurants more and it really is a positive thing for this economy of this community. But it's also more importantly, a positive thing for the health of this community. They can now go out to restaurants and breathe easier," said Dr. Donna Bacchi, of the TTUHSC Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control.

Dr. Bacchi, who is also a Pediatrician, adds that we don't know how many times the smoking ban has prevented asthma sufferers from a visit to the emergency room after being exposed to smoke in public places. But certainly, that is a benefit as well.

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