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Exercise For Older Adults

We all know we're supposed to exercise regularly.  A new study indicates when you're in your seventies or beyond you can get the benefit of daily exercise just by staying active.  That's good news  for older adults who may not be able to go to the gym or feel comfortable walking around the block.  Even if that means doing housework, bottom line, according to the national institute on aging, the more motion the longer life.

"The thing about this study is, we measured usual daily activity and not exercise. We found that over an eight-year period, that older adults in the low-activity group had three-times greater risk of death when compared to older adults in the high-activity group," said Dr. Todd Manini, of the National Institute on Aging.

The study followed about three-hundred adults over age seventy who lived independently. Researchers gave them special water to drink, that made it possible to measure carbon dioxide in their urine which reveals how much energy is used. That's how they determined that for older adults, the bottom line is more motion means longer life.

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