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Water Illness

When your child gets sick at night, you start reviewing what they ate.  But if your child spends the day at a lake or in a pool you may need to look no further than the water.

While chlorine kills most of the germs in a pool, you can still get sick from bacteria that people bring into the water.  And that can leave you with an upset stomach or an earache that doesn't show up until days later.

"When people get diarrhea in the summer they often think it's from something that they ate. They don't make the connection that it may have been swimming that they did a week ago. The germs that can cause diarrhea are often on the skin and if people don't shower before they get into the pool or if people swallow water while they're in the pool, it can set up an infection that will happen later when they're at home," said Dr. Alan Greene, a Pediatrician at Stanford University.

Dr. Greene says you can protect yourself and others. Shower before going into the water. Avoid getting water into your mouth and teach your kids not to swallow the water they're swimming in. After coming out of the water, wash your hands before eating. And to help prevent swimmer's ear, teach your kids to dry their ears after a swim.

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