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Nelson Auction Items Accounted For

Are some of Jonathan Nelson's auction items missing?  That's one question a viewer asked after not being able to find items that were listed online. The e-mail said, " my count, there should be at least eight flat panel televisions...but, yesterday when I was there, I was only able to account for three."  NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel went to Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers to get some answers.

Complete List of Nelson Auction Items
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You could say some items are missing, for example, the F-150 truck Jonathan Nelson is currently driving is not out at Town and Country Airport to view. On Tuesday, a federal judge ordered Nelson to deliver the truck to the auction by Thursday. But so far, all other items are accounted for. Our viewer question was regarding the plasma TV's, today, we saw six plasmas set up, and the others were in a different hangar. Ritchie Brothers told us the only way an item would be listed online, and not at the auction is if there is a ownership problem. Bobby Love with Ritchie Brothers says, "We pulled out some safes there was an ownership issue in question, but then there were some gun safes that weren't in the sale that we'll replace them with. Basically, the vast majority of items, well over 1,100 lots are in sales maybe we pulled 1-2 items for various reasons."

Other viewers asked us, what about the jewelry that was confiscated? We learned it is still in the receiver's custody, and all questions should go through their office.  Another issue, is what will happen to all the houses, properties, and businesses? We spoke with JP King Auction Company who will be handling that auction, they are waiting for a final decision from the judge, but say they should know a date by the end of the week.

List of Property in Nelson Auction
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