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Consider This... Water Conservation

"When I was younger, my grandfather told me that I should concentrate only on the things that I can control. I thought about 'Dad-o' recently when I observed a few facts about Lubbock.

First, Lubbock's main water source, Lake Meredith, is drying up. Second, the South Plains has had virtually no rain to speak of this year, and there is no foreseeable end to the drought situation.  And finally, Lubbock citizens are using more water than ever before. 

Now we can't do much but pray about the first two, but the third one, we as citizens have complete control of.  On Monday, the Lubbock City Council did their part and put tougher guidelines on our water use.  A two day limit on yard watering goes into effect July 31st.  But, let's face it, it's a mandate that is completely unenforceable, especially when the city has not found a way to comply with its own rules when watering city parks.

So, consider this: The city's request to all citizens is not about saving a little water here and there.  It's about a lifestyle change that can only work with everyone's participation.  I know I'll be talking to my boys about turning the water off when they brush their teeth, and being more conscience about our overall water habits at home.  Now, I don't think you or I will live to see the day when there's no more water coming out of the faucet.  But, it is getting more expensive, tougher to find and when we buy it, or create it, we don't even have a way to get it here. So, do your part and treat water for what it is, a non-renewable resource. Remember, we can control our water use, and that's something I'll be telling my grand kids someday."

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