History of Tahoka


The city of Tahoka is located in the center of Lynn county, approximately 30 miles south of  Lubbock in the lower Texas panhandle.
This area is considered one of Texas' most prolific agribusiness regions. Tahoka was established as the Lynn County seat in 1903 when the county organized, and was officially incorporated on October 1, 1915.
Tahoka was named after Tahoka Lake, a natural spring-fed lake, located northeast of Tahoka.  Indian language authorities believe Tahoka means "clear water", "fresh water" , or "deep water".   The population of this friendly community is 2,865.

The Tahoka Daisy

Prairie Aster - Machaeranthera tanacetifolia
This beautiful wild flower is native to the South Plains of Texas. It was first discovered growing at Tahoka Lake in 1898. The Tahoka Daisy is an aster-family wild flower with 2 inch lavender-blue flowers, a golden-yellow center, and lovely green, fern-like foliage.
The Tahoka Daisy enjoys full sun and blooms from mid-spring until frost. This saucy, low maintenance flower is an excellent choice for garden or patio borders, rock gardens or any hard to maintain location.