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The Pet Buddy: Does It Work?

Does your pet leap tall couches in a single bound when they see or hear a vacuum cleaner? My dog, Willis, does! That is when the Pet Buddy might come in handy. It is a vacuum but a pet brush vacuum. You hook it up to your vacuum cleaner and it helps suck up the shedding hair you get when you brush your dog. A bucket catches all the fur, before it goes into the vacuum. This product costs $60, but Does It Work?

When I bought the product, I found out the hose is long enough so you can put it in another room.  Dogs that are afraid of noises like Willis, will not be bothered by the machine.  I have  other shedders in my house, like my dog Shelby and a future shedder, (a cute one I might add) Pebbles.

I tried the Pet Buddy on Shelby first.  She did not seemed bothered by it at all.  I think she actually liked it at times. But getting Willis to try it with me was a different story.  Finally, after wrestling what I thought was cattle, I finally got him to sit still.  

I combed Willis in the direction of his fur and against the growth of the fur.  I came to realize that even though the machine was in the other room, Willis could still hear it, and was scared.

However, the comb rubber attachment worked to remove the hair on both dogs.  I opened the bucket and the bottom of it was full of fur.

I think the Pet Buddy works, just prepare yourself for a wrangling if you have a pet like Willis!

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