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Newborn Screening

The American College of Medical Genetics recommended last year that all states test newborns for twenty-nine disorders. Because many are easily treated if spotted early and most of the states responded.

But, the March of Dimes says despite that there are still a million newborns a year who are not sufficiently tested for these conditions. In fact, Texas only requires that newborns be screened for just seven disorders.

At UMC and Covenant they screen for eight because they have added screening for hearing loss which is not required in Texas. But Texas plans to increase its requirement to twenty-seven screenings by November of this year.  In the meantime, the March of Dimes says you can request the full screening before your child is born.

"You can get additional tests by talking to the hospital where you plan on going to deliver or to your pediatrician. There are some private labs in the state that will provide additional tests. There is an additional cost to parents to get those tests. Most of them are less than one hundred dollars, but well worth it," said Amy Johnson-Rubio of the Lubbock March of Dimes.

Well worth it because the March of Dimes say all these disorders can be treated if you catch them right away.

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