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3-Year-Old Killed In East Lubbock Car Crash

Police are pleading with all parents to keep their children buckled up or in a car seat.  A 3-year-old was killed Thursday morning and her 5-year-old sister injured after a rollover on 1500 Parkway Drive in east Lubbock.  Neither child was buckled up.  Police say the mother, 26-year-old Adelaida Alonso was headed west when she lost control of her vehicle, and crossed the median.  The SUV flipped over, and landed on the opposite side of the road.  Police say Alonso's 3-year-old was thrown through the windshield. 

We're told that emergency responders performed CPR on the 3-year-old girl, but her injuries were too severe.  Alonso's second child, a 5-year-old girl, was taken to University Medical Center.  "The other child was complaining of stomach pain," said Capt. Neil Brumley with the Lubbock Police Department.  Police say Alonso also received minor injuries, but declined treatment.  "The mother did have a seatbelt on," said Brumley. 

"Usually the only ones I hear about are the ones that don't listen, or didn't get the message to begin with," said Karen Slay.  She spends her time trying to prevent accidents like Thursday's accident.  Slay works with the Injury Prevention Coalition, spreading the importance of safety seats and belts.  "I don't ever want to place any blame, but I do want the community to know we're here, free of charge, to help parents with their car seats," said Slay.  She says parents need to buckle their children in for all trips, no matter how short or how long.  "I think we get this live in a bubble attitude that nothing bad is ever going to happen. I think if we could just get people to realize it does happen, every day, it would help," said Slay.

We're told that the mother does not face any charges, but that doesn't mean charges won't be filed in the future.  Slay tells us under Texas Law, the 3-year-old should've been in a booster seat.  The 5-year-old definitely should've been buckled up.  Slay says that when parents see stories like this they tend to be extra cautious about buckling up, but she tells us that affect only last for about six weeks.  Slay says folks need to buckle everyone in each and every time.  

This tragedy might have been prevented if the children had been properly restrained. If you have questions about car seat installation, contact the Injury Prevention Coalition at (806) 745-5428, and if you see a child riding without a car seat, you can make a note of the license plate number and call (806) 748-4525 to report them to the Please Be Seated program.  It's not an enforcement program, however, the driver will receive information by mail about child safety, and how to get a car seat. 

(Click here) to learn more about Texas' child seat laws.

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