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Food for Thought Report 7.13

Chances are you have dined or stopped by for a cool treat at one of these locations. And they want to make sure you are coming back.

Food for Thought 7.13
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 7/13/06.

Inspectors found four critical violations at Quiznos at 6804 Slide Road. Supervisor Ron Frantz says they're no stranger to Food for Thought.

"We're big fans of Food for Thought, we use to be a top performer and that's where we intend to be," Frantz said.

And that's why Frantz invited us into the kitchen. He wants to explain the violations and show their customers that safety and satisfaction is top priority.

Let's take a look at the violations:

  • Cooked chicken was found at 52 and 47 degrees. Cold foods must be 41 degrees or colder.

"When they came in at the time of the inspection it was after our lunch run," Frantz said.

  • Personal drinks were found near food products.
  • Meatballs and cheddar cheese did not have proper date marking. Sliced ham and turkey was found with an expired date marking.

Ron says Quiznos only allows sliced lunch meat to keep for two days, where the city allows for a seven-day window. "We at Quiznos (keep our meat) for two days, but the health department goes by the date you put on there," Frantz said.

  • A spray bottle containing cleaning solution was stored near personal drinks.

But Frantz says there are no excuses. "We've already reinstated new policies and retraining everybody," Frantz said.

All violations were corrected on site.

Marble Slab Creamery at 4210 82nd Street is use to being a top performer, but this time they had five critical violations. Owner, Jason Burreson invited us into their kitchen to clear-up the violations.

  • A personal drink was near food.

"My manager who was opening that day had his cup of water right here," Burreson said.

  • Next a hand washing sink in the kitchen was block by a trash bin.

"We showed (the inspector) that you can move the trash can out of the way.  We put up the sign, 'Do not put trash can in front of the sink," Burreson said.

  • Another hand washing station was out of paper towels.

Burreson says the manager was cleaning before the store opened and that's when the inspector stopped by. "He put down the paper towels and went to answer the door. (The inspector) came around and was going to wash her hands. (The inspector) noticed the paper towels were across and that was a critical violation," Burreson said.

  • Spray bottles were not labeled.
  • Soda machine nozzles had mold on them.

"We take these things off and soak them in bleach water once a week and soak them in soda water every night," Burreson said.

Burreson wants to ensure everyone that the customer is their top priority. "We want people to realize that they can bring their families in here and have a clean environment," Burreson said.

He adds that his kitchen is always open for inspection, he says all violations were corrected on site. The reports shows that as well.

And finally inspectors cited the Olive Garden at 5702 Slide Road for four critical violations.

  • Pasta and chicken were holding at 50 degrees. Cold foods must be held at the safe temperature of 41 degrees or colder.
  • The wait staff was using sanitizing wipes instead of washing their hands. Inspectors say the wipes do not replace hand washing.
  • A thermometer was missing in a walk-in cooler. Another thermometer was not accurate.
  • Dirty dishes were stored with clean dishes. Cutting boards were found with deep cuts and inspectors note that the surfaces do not appear cleanable.

Management at the Olive Garden told us, "All violations were corrected on site." The report shows that as well.

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