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Alleged Kidnapper Out of Jail on Bond

Lubbock Sheriffs Dept. Lubbock Sheriffs Dept.

Stephanie Anderson Jones, the woman accused of kidnapping a 4-day-old baby, is out of jail, and possibly on her way to Amarillo to stay with family. Jones was in jail on bonds totaling a $150,000, but on Thursday those bonds were cut in half.

The woman is accused of posing as a nurse to befriend a family, then kidnapping 4-day-old Priscilla Maldanado from her home on June 4th. Police found the baby the next day. Jones reportedly left Priscilla in her carrier, underneath a Lubbock condo carport, in 100-degree heat. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel spoke to baby Priscilla's family, and they have a message for the woman accused of kidnapping their daughter.

That message is to stay away from their home and their family. The mother told NewsChannel 11 she didn't even know Stephanie Jones was released, but now that she does, she will sleep with all her doors locked.

"I don't know what the Judge was thinking, it makes me mad. All this that she did and they just let her walk out."  After being in jail two months, Stephanie Jones walked through the doors, free to go.  "I'm mad because she is an endangerment to other people and they still let her out, like it's okay for her to kidnap people or whatever, but it's not."

Baby Priscilla's mother says she thinks Judge Perrier sent the wrong message by cutting Jones' bond amounts by half. It dropped the amount to $75,000, making the bail payment attainable for the family. Now, Erica Ysasaga says her two months of comfort will turn back into sleepless nights.  "My door was open, but when I found out by the news, I locked it and everything, I don't want to be outside."

Since the kidnapping, life has changed for the once trusting mother. "People ask me about her, I don't want to answer because they might want to take her." And the only thing she can rely on is locked doors and the hope of justice.  "Her conscious will get to her cause what she did to me, I hope she gets justice and they don't let her get away."

The Judge did hear from several people on both sides. Stephanie's husband said she was not a threat, and wanted to be with her teenage daughter. Detective Billy Koontz said letting Jones out was not a good idea because she was not cooperative when she was first arrested.

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