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Lubbock Mother Worries Daughter Could Be Left In Lebanon

The news that some Americans are leaving Lebanon has a Lubbock mother worried her daughter could be left behind.  As NewsChannel 11 first told you Monday at 10, Terri Beydoun's daughter, Namet is trapped in that country.  Namet is near the port city of Sidon, 20-miles south of Beirut.  To get out of the country, Namet must get to Beirut, but Hazbullah fighters have destroyed all routes into the city.

NewsChannel 11 spoke with Namet over the phone Tuesday.  Namet tells us she's frustrated and scared.  She cannot leave her home, and there have been no plans for evacuation. Right now, all she can do is talk with her mother here in Lubbock and listen to the violence all around her.  "It's too much to take. We can't get out of the house. I mean, because lots of cars are being bombed, I mean on the roads, we can't dare to get out," said Namet. 

That's life for 22-year-old Namet Beydoun. She's lived in Lebanon since she was 9, but says she's never seen anything like the violence happening now.  "This is the worst it's ever gotten since I've been here," said Namet.  Planes over head, and bombings on the ground keep her in constant fear.  "You can't imagine it, because the whole house is like going back and forth. We're not sleeping, we're not. We're just afraid of the night," said Namet.

Namet is an American citizen. Born in Dallas, she moved with her family to Lubbock in the early 90's. Namet even attended Guadeloupe Elementary School. She had just returned to Lebanon on the 4th of July. Before that she had been visiting her mother here in Lubbock.  "I just want her out. I just want her home. It frightens me for those who are stuck in the interior portion of Lebanon. Are they going to be forgotten," asked Terri Beydoun.  Terri has been glued to her television since the violence broke out last week.  "I feel terrible anxiety, because it's real. It's not just on TV; it's not a movie; it's happening to these people," said Terri.

Fortunately, the power is still on, and Terri can talk to her daughter, but if the power is cut off, communication will be too.  "So that's very, very scary to me. I try not to think about it," said Terri.  "God bless my mom. I know she is worried sick about me," said Namet.  "I just keep telling her, her deliverer is coming. She is in the hands of God, and it will work out. It will work out," said Terri.

"I have nothing except my faith in God that things will be alright, and God won't leave me. That's the only hope I have. This is the only thing that keeps me hanging on," said Namet. 

We asked Terri if she thinks there will be a cease fire so people can get out. She tells us she hopes there will be, but as for permanent peace, Terri says in her heart, she doesn't feel that will ever happen.  If you would like to help, Terri says people can pray for Namet's safe return. She says they can also write their local congressmen to show support for those trapped in Lebanon.

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