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New Stoplights Proposed For South Lubbock

The Lubbock Citizens Traffic Commission is concerned about the many fender benders in South Lubbock these days. They are hoping to curb the problem by proposing four more stoplights.

Locations include: The intersection of Indiana Drive and Indiana Avenue, that's just North of 82nd Street near Big Lots.  Stoplights are also proposed at the intersections of 82nd and Iola and 98th and Vicksburg. Finally, a stoplight is already planned for 98th and Frankford, as part of the on-going widening project there.

The commission will vote on these proposed stoplights, after listening to citizen comments. If all four stoplights are approved, you can expect them to be installed within the next 18-months.

Traffic Commission Proposes Removal of Some Traffic Lights
If the Citizens Traffic Commission gets the green light, drivers will see fewer red lights in downtown Lubbock.

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