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New Contraceptive

The FDA has approved a new birth control device called Implanon. It is a single-rod that is implanted in a woman's arm by a trained doctor.

It slowly releases the hormone progestin over a period of three years, and can prevent pregnancy in ninety-nine percent of women. The greatest benefit is convenience because you don't have to remember to take a pill every day.

The device has been widely used in Europe since 1998. Now, Implanon is expected to be widely available in the US by the end of the summer. A similar device was approved in the US but was taken off the market six years ago due to complaints from patients. It was called Norplant and it prevented pregnancy for seven years.

The hormone does not allow the sperm and egg to meet, and if they do,the fertilized egg is unable to attach to the wall of the uterus.

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