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Consider This... Police/Firefighter Salaries

"Can you name one thing your local government has done for you lately? How about protect your home and family? You may not realize it, but they're doing it right now.

Lubbock Police and firefighters are standing by 24 hours a day in case you need them. And, if your house is on fire, or your family threatened, you expect them to get there and get there fast. The fact is, good fire and police departments are the foundation of a safe city.  That's why I support the Lubbock City Council's recent decision to try and raise the pay for our fire fighters and police 100%.

Now it's up to them to follow through. A recent story here on NewsChannel 11 revealed that Lubbock's fire fighters are paid below the state average. Now, I doubt our city manager, assistant city managers, or city attorney is paid below average. Why should our firefighters get less? But, consider this, city council should give fire fighters and police officers in Lubbock a fair salary without raising taxes.    

In the last three years they've managed to hire more police officers than ever before, build new streets and thoroughfares, and usher in unprecedented growth in the city. And, they've done it without raising your taxes. In fact, they've lowered taxes along the way.  

Let's keep going that direction. I'm for keeping taxes low, seeing some action behind the lip service, and paying our public servants more. We want the best protection for our families, not below average protection. Our local government has the power to give it to us."

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