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The One Touch Can Opener: Does It Work?

The One Touch is hand held and powered by two double a batteries. We took this product to our kitchen gadget expert. 

"This is the can opener I use. You have to turn it and my hands don't work good anymore," explained Eveline Halgren. She is back again.  Prior to this test, she helped me on a few other Does it Work tests.  She calls herself a "kitchen gadget freak," and I wanted her to help me again.  This time to test The One Touch Can Opener. It costs $20, but Does It Work?

First, Eveline and I tried it on a regular sized can.  We placed the can's rim on the groove of the opener and pressed the start button.  "Is it going to stop? Look at that!"

The lid had no sharp edges.  Eveline liked that.  In search of a bigger can, we were curious to see if the opener would work.   "This one did not go all the way through, but I still like it," said Eveline. 

Super curious now, Eveline found an oval shaped can in her pantry. Let's see if this one works. "Eveline, roasted eel? Roasted eel?  What do you eat with that?" asked Cecelia.  "Crackers," she answered. 

We put the One Touch on the can, crossing our fingers hoping it would work.  We touched the start button and the One Touch goes for a few seconds, then stops.  "It's stuck!"

We couldn't get the One touch off of it. So we got John Berry, my photographer, to help out.  "What have you ladies done?"

Finally after ten minutes of fiddling with this thing,  John got it off.  Regardless of our last minute struggle,  the One Touch does what it's supposed to do.  You just can't use it on oddly shaped cans.  It works!

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