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Energy Companies Urging Customers To Conserve Electricity

Conserve energy in your home. That's the message LP&L and Excel are hoping to send to customers in our area. NewsChannel 11's Suleika Acosta shows us how we can do that.

Experts say our area has recently set new records on energy use. And with another hot day ahead of us, the demand for energy will be high once again. Both and LPL and Excel are both seeing all time peak demands. Because of that, they are asking customers to conserve energy.

Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Turn off anything you are not using such as lights, TV's and computers for example.
  • Almost half of home energy use comes from heating and cooling systems. So experts say keep your thermostat at 78 degrees while you are at home...
  • Turn it up to 85 degrees, when you leave.
  • Avoid using major appliances such as your washer and dryer, during the afternoon, that is the peak usage time.

Experts also suggest using ceiling fans to cool your house. You should also clean and replace your air conditioner filter once a month.

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