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The Butt Wave

These days, it's all about the butt. "I need my butt to look firm, round and curvaceous, bootylicious." "I've always believed in the traditional heart shaped, right?" "Cute butts. It's what people are looking at now." Whether it's because jeans are all the rage or it's the topic of songs, we've become a bit focused on what's going on behind. "It's definitely an attention grabber." "And it's hard to get tight and toned."
That's where the Cardio Wave says it can help. A machine designed to tone, firm and lift the gluteus maximus. Experts say most people concentrate on the back end, not realizing two other muscles make a difference too. Fitness Director David McGarry says, "If we work internal rotation of the hip we're actually working the gluteus medius that helps with firming up toning up the Glutes."

The abductor muscle on the outside of the hip helps round the rear. "I can especially feel it in my hips," says Sandra McKinney, user of the Cardio Wave. The movement is similar to skiing and rollerblading. The way you stand determines which area is targeted. All of it is cardio. "It's something you feel like you would, it's enjoyable, it's fun, and a lot more exciting than just doing the other traditional exercises," said McKinney. Sandra is hoping twenty minutes a day will glide her way to results she can show off. " The cute capri pants, the cute shorts, jeans, some of the tighter fitting skirts." 

After all, "I think it's important when you buy jeans, if you turn around and look in the mirror that you feel comfortable and proud of who you are." That's the bottom line.

Fitness experts say heredity and nutrition can also affect the shape of your backside.

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