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HealthWise at 5 From 7.21

  • Sound Meter

Getting the right hearing aid could be easier with a new device that "listens in" on your daily noise exposure. It's called the Octicon's Sound Activity Meter, or SAM for short. It's a computer that's no larger than a lapel pin. Patients wore SAM for a week. So all their daily listening conditions can be measured for sound pressure in crowds or private situations. Then, the acoustics are analyzed by an audiologist. So finally, a hearing aid can be programmed to best address the different listening needs.

  • Hot Study

Hazmat suits protect military personnel and first responders from dangerous chemicals and more. But while they keep out the bad stuff. They hold in one thing that's dangerous... heat. So now researchers at the University of South Florida are turning up the heat to see which materials work best. In an environmental chamber, study participants walk on a treadmill, while being monitored for temperature changes. Ultimately they hope to learn which fabrics allow wearers to heat and cool themselves without risking exposure to outside hazards.

  • Squid Soap

A multi-armed sea creature is lending a hand when it comes to getting people to wash up it's squid soap and when you use it to lather up it stains you first with an inky circle. That mark made from the dye used in lipstick is designed to keep hand washers sudsy long enough to remove the spot. The marking bottle isn't just for washing up at home Squid Soap is hoping hospitals and restaurants will use it to encourage long term washing because if you cheat and quit on your rinse Squid Soap squeals on you.  

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