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Six-Pack Abs Without Exercise

Wouldn't we all like to get six-pack abs without doing a single sit-up? Sounds impossible but a handful of doctors in the world are trying that now by re-shaping fat into what looks like abs of steel.

Kari Sellers was the first person in the US to try this new procedure called high-definition lipo-selection. "Well, I wanted it to look like I had abs. It didn't matter how many sit ups I did, I just couldn't get my stomach to look like I wanted it to look," said Kari. 

"In essence, we sculptor, selectively remove fat that we want to remove, leaving thin layers behind. Those layers give the appearance of muscular definition," said John Millard, of Plastic Surgeon-lone Tree.  

Dr. Millard is the only surgeon in the US who is offering this procedure right now. He uses ultrasound energy to liquefy fat. Then, it's sucked out leaving just enough to mimic muscle. This lipo suction is best for people who are not overweight but who have been trying to get that sculpted look in the abs.

"I am not smaller than I was. It's just now that I have a waist, you don't have that tight waist problem with your slacks. They all fit nice," said Kari. With any cosmetic surgery, there can be risks of infection, blood clots, fluid loss and damage to the skin or nerves. 

Ideally, patients return to work five days after surgery but it takes up to four months to get the full results. Another downside the cost between $8,000 - $15,000 and the results only last as long as the patient keeps the same weight. Forty patients have tried this to date.

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