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Former Lubbock Woman Escapes From Lebanon

Namet Beydoun is no longer in war torn Lebanon.  Terri Beydoun received word early Friday morning that her daughter, Namet, boarded a ship to Cypress.  Terri tells us Namet joined her uncle, aunt, and cousin.  Namet called her around 10 p.m. Thursday saying she would be part of a group of evacuees making the trip to Beirut on their own.

Namet was near the port city of Sidon.  She had to go about 20-miles north to Beirut, but that's a dangerous trek.  Hezbollah fighters have been bombing cars in that area.  The family members Namet is traveling with are citizens of Cypress.  They were heading to the Cypriot Embassy in Beirut. 

Obviously, Terri was very worried, but she spoke with Namet around 4:30 a.m. Friday; Namet had made it to the Embassy, and was boarding a bus headed to port.  She's on her way to Cypress, and from there she'll come home to Lubbock.  "Now, of course, I thank God that she is at this point; now I wait to hear word from her when she gets to Cypress," said Terri.

Terri tells us it takes around 10 hours to reach Cypress by ship.  She says she'll call us when Namet arrives, so we can share the news with our viewers.  Terri says she knows all the prayers from people here in Lubbock helped her daughter, and she thanks everyone for their support.  They've not been able to work out the specifics on when Namet will come to Lubbock, but Namet could be here by next month. 

NewsChannel 11 will continue to follow Namet's progress.

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