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NewsChannel 11 Uncovers Miami Vice Connection in Lubbock

One week before Miami Vice the movie opens in theaters, NewsChannel 11 uncovers a piece of Miami Vice television history inside a Lubbock garage.

Jeff Souter says, "I've always wanted one because of the show. Growing up, I always wanted to be Don Johnson." Now, Souter is riding in the same driver's seat Don Johnson sat in during the first two seasons of Miami Vice. Souter owns the vehicle used in the series. It looks like a Ferrari on the outside, but has a Corvette engine.

Souter says, "It was a lot less expensive for the t-v show to use these cars.They were good replicas and the public didn't know the difference." Souter says the show later replaced the vehicles with actual Ferraris. At that time, this vehicle was brought to Lubbock to be restored but for some reason it ended up sitting in a mechanics shop for years until someone bought it. After learning the history, Souter says he tracked that person down and bought it.

Saturday night, NewsChannel 11 will air the premiere of the Miami Vice tv show starring Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas. The stars of the new Miami Vice feature film, Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx host the event.

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