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Construction for a Safer Community is Underway

Construction is underway to help make one community safer. For years, residents have complained about Woodrow Road, saying it's dangerous and needs improvements. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel spoke with residents and a county commissioner about what is being done to make a safer neighborhood.

Woodrow Road is considered dangerous to some because of the high volume of accidents, many resulting in deaths. Now, after years of resident petitions, complaints, and fatality accidents, the county commissioners have Woodrow Road under construction.

"It has always been narrow, close to the strip, it's dangerous."  Jessica's family has lived on Woodrow Road nearly all her life, and she's experienced the dangerous road conditions first hand. "I had a friend's dad that die on this road. They need to widen it."

Roger Robertson agrees. "During the school year, kids use it like a drag strip." Roger is a 7-year resident who says accidents are not the only issue.  "The drainage is not the best."  Now, their cries have finally brought the change they were looking for. 

We are widening the road a foot at a time , not much at a time, but we are making progress." County Commissioner Bill McCay says widening the road has been a top priority, but funding is always an issue.  "We're working hard to squeeze every dime we can out of our budget to make as much improvements as possible."

Commissioner McCay says they are hoping to finish the project before school starts this fall. But, right now, he tells us with gas prices being so high, they will need to head back to the drawing board and possibly budget even more money for the project, which could postpone construction slightly.

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