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Crosbyton's History Leads to New Age Rivalry

Tonight, we're at the Crosby County Courthouse. But Crosbyton wasn't always the county seat.

Henry Clay Smith built a rock house in 1878 and set up a cattle ranch. It would be another 12 years until the area saw significant growth.

"There were just cowboys and Indians out here until the turn of the century," said Ms. Hardin.

In 1902 the CB Livestock company came to town and eight years later the company and other investors raised $75,000 to build forty miles of railroad track between Lubbock and Crosbyton. Those tracks spurred a population growth that started a rivalry that continues today.

"The legislature set a law saying counties had to be within five miles of the center of the county and that was Crosbyton so they held an election and Crosbyton won, but Emma didn't want to give up the courthouse. Ray Ezell went and stole the records in the middle of the night. Later they physically moved the courthouse from Emma to Crosbyton and that's really been a dissension between Crosbyton and Ralls. It's an ongoing feud," explained Hardin.

But for the most part, Hardin says the only place you'll find that rivalry is on the football field. 

The Mayor adds, "we're proud of our town and we're of the things we hold dearest to us is the people."

You can learn more about Crosbyton's history at the Pioneer Memorial Museum. There, you'll find historic records and exhibits that show what life was like for Crosbyton's earliest residents.

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