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The Wonder Washer: Does It Work?

My peaceful drive to Snyder took me off the beaten path.   "Ooo look, cows!" You'd think I've never seen them before.   As I was gazing at the cows, I spilled coffee on my white T-shirt.  "I can't meet the mayor of Snyder looking like this!  What am I going to do?"

It was a hot one that day.  "Portable washing machine goes anywhere. I wonder if no man's land is considered to be anywhere?"  I was lucky, real lucky to just happen to have this product in the back of my car.  It has two different washing speeds and a 15 minute timer.  But Does It Work?

"That's neat and all, but where am I going to find water, detergent to wash my dirty shirt?"

My luck got even better.  "Oh my gosh, is that a mirage?  That is too perfect," I said as I stumbled on these items on the side of the road.

I poured two gallons of water into the bucket, which has an agitator on the bottom.  I poured in the detergent, set the timer for nine minutes, and waited.

After ten minutes,  the stain was gone, not completely, but the T-shirt looked so much better. So does it work?  You betcha partna'!

The Wonder Washer is $49.99 and you can order it from the Carol Wright Magazine website.

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