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History Lies In Seminole Home

The home on 2nd street and Avenue C in Seminole has become a local attraction. It's one of the oldest homes in Gaines County, and if people don't recognize the address, they'll probably recognize the owners. They ran the local drug store in Seminole for more than 30-years. Now-a-days they're spending a lot of time trying keep their home looking, old.

"It's all changed; it's grown," said Glen Gressett. Folks in Seminole say they've seen a lot of change, like the appearance of the Gaines County courthouse. The renovation came in 1955.  "The courthouse used to be beautiful. There is an old courthouse under it," said Gressett.

Meanwhile, Athen and Glenda Lowrie have worked to keep their home historic. "The gentleman that lived here, Mr. Dennis, I told him one day, we visited out in the yard, and I said I love this old house, and if you ever decide to sell it, I'd love to buy it," said Glenda. 

The Lowries moved in during the early 80's, and since that time, they've done a lot of work to the nearly century old home. "Ever since we moved in, it's been a slow and continuous process," said Athen. The most recent improvement is laying new brick sidewalks and a new brick patio outside. The Lowrie's home is one of the oldest in Gaines County. W.S. Dunn built the home in 1907; that's only two years after the county was organized. "We just wish the walls could talk," said Glenda. 

The Ed Ramsey family bought the home in 1909, and after Mr. Ramsey passed away, Mrs. Ramsey rented the second floor to men who came to work in Seminole. Today the home has become quite an attraction. "One evening we we're having dinner, and someone knocked on the door, said can we just see your home, and we were delighted," said Glenda.

Next year the Lowrie home turns 100 years old, and Athen tell us they plan on having a celebration.  

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