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Seminole's Agriculture Ranks #1 Again, Keeping Economy Afloat

We're number one. That's what you'll hear in Seminole when talking about agriculture. Their county is on a winning streak when it comes to the amount of crops produced compared to the rest of the state.

You can't miss the message, because it's the first thing you see when driving through Seminole. Bonnie Ericson with economic development says, "we're first in oil, first in peanuts, and first in cotton in the state of Texas."  And Bonnie's not just bragging, last year, Seminole did rank first producing more cotton and peanuts than any other county in the state.

Robert Armstrong from Arigplex, says, "last year was the largest year on record as far as cotton produced in Gaines County."  And Ted Higgenbottom says the same for peanuts.  "The future is bright for peanuts.  Gaines county has the largest production in the state of Texas."

When it comes to agriculture, Seminole is usually on top, but because of drought conditions, nearly 70,000 acres have been destroyed, but we're told the future of the economy is looking up.  Floyd Peterson with the oil industry says, "it's going to be a big part, we're looking at expanding our operations, extend the life of this field for another 40 years so we're going to be here for a long time, so we'll be a part of this community for a long time."  Armstrong agrees, "we're seeing some production put in, more plants being built, family moving in, we're on the upturn."

Seminole has many projects like new schools, a new housing development, and 18 miles of new railroad for more business access.

Seminole Youth Baseball/Softball Complex Under Construction
Seminole is using $2 million in bonds to build a new athletic complex.

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