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Dr. Walter Hyde Finds Home in Seminole

Back in Lubbock, you may know the name of Dr. Walter Hyde because he had a successful practice in Lubbock for twenty-two years. But he decided it was time for a change of pace and when he heard that Seminole was in need of another doctor, he moved there.

That was a year ago and he says he and his wife knew this was the right place when they realized that people are so friendly in Seminole that you don't even need a phone book to find someone you're looking for.

"Everybody knows what everybody else is doing. Everybody knows everybody else. My wife and I were out of town six or eight months ago and we needed to know where our daughter was because we were delayed getting back from Dallas. We knew were she was but we didn't now the phone number or the parents names. So, I called the emergency room which was one of the only numbers I knew in Seminole at the time and the nurse in the ER was able to get the phone number for us and we were able to contact our daughter.  So small towns have advantages," said Dr. Hyde. 

He says they have only been living in Seminole for a year here but it feels like ten.

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