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The Sand Pit Scores Perfection in Seminole

It's Food for Thought Thursday and since we're in Seminole we sent NewsChannel 11's Christy Hartin in search of a Seminole top performer. And as she tells us, this perfect scorer means business.  

"It was called The Sand Pit because we use to cook everything out in the cook house on the BBQ pit and we use mesquite, we still do that for catering" Cheryl Hicks said.

Cheryl started waiting tables in Seminole when she was 13-years-old, and since then she has worked at every Seminole restaurant. Now she owns a diner that boasts her name "Cheryl's Sand Pit".

And while you can expect a good laugh when she's around, there's no joking about cleanliness.

"The girls will tell you, I ride them pretty hard, but I want my customers to walk in my door and feel like they could go into my kitchen at any time. I stress it. Everyday of the week we do something in the deep cleaning part," Cheryl said.

And that emphasis on detail paid off with the last health inspection.

"We got a perfect score!"

And besides being spotless, Cheryl focuses of freshness.

"We serve anything from hamburgers to steaks, salmon. We don't have frozen meats of any kind. We buy no pre-breaded meats, we do everything fresh," Cheryl said.

"We may be a little slow, but everything that comes out of my kitchen is fresh!"

"Everybody who comes in here is like family to us. We know their life history and they know ours and we just take care of them like they're our family!"

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