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Strengthening the Faith of Children in Tahoka

"It started years ago. I've been doing it 22-years," said Madeline Hegi, a prayer warrior and teacher of the Bible.  

Madeline lives alone. She lost her husband 15-years ago, but has found a calling that brings more than 20 children to her house twice a month. She teaches the young children of Tahoka about Christ. They are Kids for Christ, Promise Keepers, and Prayer Warriors.

Sixteen year-old Levi McKay has been coming over to Madeline's house for seven years. "I think the thing she's taught me the most is how to love people, no matter who they are," said Levi.

"What are some of the lessons we've had?" Madeline asked her group of kids. "Forgiveness," answered a young boy.

Ten year-old Jori Chapa just started K.C., following the footsteps of her older teenage brother.   "Madeline wants us all to go to heaven," said Jori.

K.C. is a non-denominational bible study group, that is not attached to one single church. Madeline does this on her own time, at her house, out of the goodness of her heart.

"We started it in a church. They ran out of teachers. I told them if they bring them to my house, I'll feed them and teach them," she said.

Two vans pick the children up from school. She makes cinnamon rolls and hot dogs and then the kids play basketball. After the fun, it's prayer time and down to her basement they go, to learn about the Bible.

"You have to know that I don't want a single child to not know Jesus Christ. That's what this is all about," she said.

And you would think this is a lot to handle for one person. "Honey, I'll be 95-years-old next month," she said.

But if you love what you do, and who you're teaching, there's a reason why she stays so strong. "Give him the glory."  

Madeline starts teaching fifth graders and continues until they finish high school.

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