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Victim Speaks Out About Online Predator

"He offered me $1,000 and that's a lot of money."  A Lubbock woman speaks out for the first time after she was solicited for prostitution through the popular web site ""  That web site is now investigating a possible online predator, that could be living right here in Lubbock. Tonight we spoke exclusively to the victim who wants to warn others about a 30-year-old man that offered her a thousand dollars in exchange for adult activities. 

"He asked me if I wanted to do modeling. He said he was starting a modeling company off the ground. I told him no. He left me alone for a little bit, but then two weeks ago, I got the next message, and it wasn't about modeling anymore."

A thousand dollars for 45 minutes of her time, that was the offer made to a 19-year-old Lubbock woman through the web site, "my-space." But it wasn't just time the perpetrator was looking for.  "I asked what he wanted me to do and he said, just tell me what you're comfortable with doing in an adult nature and I could earn $1000 cash." 

After the offer was made, the college student decided to take action.  She called NewsChannel 11 to tell her story so she and hopefully others would not fall victim to a potential online crime.  "I thought if I could get him to say something, I could tell someone about it."

The woman told us the scariest thing about the incident is that the man making the offer lives here in Lubbock. But she says she hopes her experience with a potential predator teaches women of all ages to learn how to protect themselves when their personal information is online for anyone to see.  "It is very dangerous to be on 'my-space' if you do not protect yourself."

As you might know, "My-Space" has promised to put a more secure block on things like soliciting sex. When the woman we spoke with contacted the web site, she gave them all of the conversations, and got an email saying "my-space" would investigate. To this day, the man in question's account is active, and he was last logged in today.

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