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Churches Across Town Took Time to Pray for Rain

We've seen some rain since Friday, yet we are still in a drought. And that's why city leaders are asking you to pray for rain.

"Lord we come to you today as a united people and a united city to pray for rain upon a dry and parched land," Trinity Church senior executive pastor TL Garrett said.

Churches across town took time to pray for rain Sunday. The city council made the proclamation asking citizens to take time to devote a prayer so that we may see a bountiful harvest.

"We're such an agriculture area here in West Texas that so many things depend on how much of the harvest we can get in," Garrett said.

This isn't the first time the city has asked citizens to pray for rain, "A few years ago when we were in drought in West Texas the mayor did the very same thing at that time, and he asked all the churches in our city to pray for rain and that was one of the wettest years we ever had," Garrett said.

Pastor Garrett is referring to 2004 when Lubbock went from its second driest year on record to the second wettest year in history. Our average rainfall for this time of year is 10.61 inches, right now we are at 5.91 inches.

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