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City Working to Get Lubbock Parks in Compliance With Water Ordinance

Five percent of our drinking water is used to water Lubbock city parks.  The city's working to save that water through water wells at 11 parks.  That's how many parks have them so far, but the problem is, the wells don't have pumps to make them work.

NewsChannel 11 learned that whoever worked on this project before didn't send out bids for the pumps when they first installed the wells. So the city is having to work fast to buy the pumps and get them installed for next spring.

Last year, the City of Lubbock installed water wells at 11 parks. They plan to put more at 14 more parks. The idea was to save about 2,000 acre feet a year in drinking water. What is 2,000 acre feet?  Imagine taking 652 water towers and dumping them on 25 of our parks a year.

The city has those wells in the ground, but without pumps.  They are not helping conserve the   city's drinking water. Texas Tech uses well water and LISD waters seven campuses and tells NewsChannel 11 they will have five more drilled next month.

So why is the city stalling?  "We as a city staff don't have a good answer for the delay. What we have done is working very closely with our engineering department which has been assigned that. They're moving forward quickly," said Deputy City Manager Tom Adams.

So quickly,  bids for the pumps are due in today and the installation should be complete by the winter. Phase two includes 14 more parks. The city ensures us they will be watering all their parks using well water by next spring.

Which means right now, the city has to comply with it's own ordinance of watering just twice a week.

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