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Limited Water Usage Now In Effect For Lubbock

Stage one of Lubbock's adopted water use management plan is now in effect. The plan limits yard watering to two times a week. That's about an inch and a half of water a week. You should only be watering during the hours of 6 p.m. and 10 a.m.

The city says if you follow these guidelines you can still have a healthy lawn. Of course, it will be up to you to monitor your own water usage because city inspectors cannot keep tabs on everyone. While stage one may be operating under the honor system, the city encourages everyone to participate.

City Working to Get Lubbock Parks in Compliance With Water Ordinance
Five percent of our drinking water is used to water Lubbock city parks.  The city's working to save that water through water wells at 11 parks. NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Coy found out, though, the wells are not working.
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