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Hoodia Pops

Wouldn't it be great if you could satisfy your sweet tooth and still lose weight? That's the claim behind Power-Pops. The the key ingredient in this lollipop is Hoodia, an herbal supplement originally used in Africa to suppress hunger.

"When you look at how Hoodia is taken by the south Africans, they don't dry it out and grind it up and make pills, tablets and capsules out of it. How they take the Hoodia, in order for it to work, is they suck on it," said Michael Wenninger, the Power-Pop inventor.  Remember, he invented Power Pops.

We get a different view from Dr. Caroline Apovian who specializes in nutrition and tried Power-Pops for herself.

"I didn't feel any appetite suppression, I did not feel a boost of energy. I think people should stay away from these products because I don't think there's going to be a weight loss benefit or a health benefit," said Apovian.

But they're not cheap about a dollar a piece and you buy them in a bag of thirty. Dr. Apovian says if you're tempted to try this, you should know they say it works if you have a Power-Pop with a full glass of water before every meal and that most weight loss plans say just by drinking that full glass of water, you can dull your appetite with or without the sucker.

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