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Sun Protection Pill

More than one point five million skin cancers are diagnosed in the US every year. While sunscreen is the best effort to reduce their risk of skin damage a new type of sun protection is available in the form of a pill it's called Heliocare and the main ingredient is taken from a fern plant.

"They've actually done studies where they've burned people with a sunlamp and shown that people who were taking the supplement burn less than people who are not taking the supplement," said Leslie Baumann, the Chief of Dermatology at the University of Miami.

"You see me now, I don't look like I went out and had 8 hours of sun exposure without a cover. Normally, I'd be toasty red," said Barry Resknik, a dermatologist of Resnik Skin Institute.

Long term effects of the sun pill are still being studied. We will let you know when this type of pill becomes available in Lubbock. For more information on the sun protectant pill go to

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