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South Lubbock Neighborhood Voices Concerns About Door To Door Beggars

Certain Lubbock neighborhoods are experiencing, what they call, frightening late night visitors at their homes.  They say people are knocking on doors begging for money.  That issue was brought up Tuesday at one neighborhood's National Night Out event. 

Just imagine what it would be like to hear a knock at your door around ten in the evening, only to find a complete stranger begging for money.  It is happening in the Bayless-Atkins neighborhood, near Avenue U and 53rd Street.  It has some Lubbock residents very concerned.

During Tuesday's National Night Out,  these residents got together for the first time to talk about safety. Councilman Gary Boren offered advice that any time a stranger is knocking at your door, not to answer, but to call 911.

"It seems to be young people. The young lady that knocked on my door said she needed money for a pregnant friend. They won't ring the door bell and the lights are off. They just knock on the door," said resident Adria Kitten.

Kitten wants her neighbors to form a neighborhood watch program.  Something they do not have in place.

Tuesday was is Lubbock's 23rd annual National Night Out.  Thirteen Lubbock Neighborhood Associations each hosted their own events. Councilman Boren says for him, this is a great way to know what is happening in Lubbock neighborhoods and for police to know what to look for.

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