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Patriot Guard Rallies in Support of Fallen Soldier's Family

Even though a law is in place to keep protestors back, one group is going to make sure the Velez funeral services go off without a hitch. A group formed nation-wide, called the "Patriot Guard," has found their way to Lubbock to honor and protect the Velez family from protestors. 

One member of the group, Steve "Shooter" Brooks says, "It's a shame we have to do something like this, but they keep talking about their rights and they do have their rights, but it's the Veterans that gave them their rights."

300-to-500 motorcyclists are planning to line the street to block protestors from causing harm or embarrassment to the Velez family. The Patriot Guard will line up in a single file line across the street, they will each hold a flag and turn their back to the protestors. The reason, they want to put all of the honor toward the fallen solider Andrew Velez. The purpose of the group is to make such a tight line that it will be nearly impossible to see protestors through their bikes, flags, and many supporters.  Steve says, "We'll turn our best side to them and just ignore them and if they get loud we can start bikes and drown out anybody." 

The Patriot Guard did call Roy Velez, they prayed together and then got the blessing from the family to make the protective line.

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